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How to get Free Pets in Pet Simulator X?

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Pet Simulator X is an online game on the Roblox platform. In Pet Simulator X, players can collect various virtual pets. So, if you have a question like, How to get a Free Pets in Pet Simulator X. It offers some pets that can be obtained for free. Free means you by completing quests or participate in any events to own a free pet. However, the game has some unique pets with some special abilities. These rare pets can be obtained by paying coins and gems. Earn coins and gems through gameplay or purchase with real money.

Furthermore, according to the question How to get a Free Pets in Pet Simulator X. It doesn’t mean that people use third-party applications for free access to the game’s features. It’s important to note that using illegal apps in a game is against the rules. These applications also lead to security issues such as account bans. Playing games fairly and ethically is always better for maintaining a safe, healthy gaming community and responsible players’ values.

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How to get diamond pets in Pet Simulator X?

In Pet Simulator X, diamond pets are modified and unique pets that can only be obtained through diamonds, known as the game’s premium egg. Here are some steps to increase your chances of getting a diamond pet quickly:

  • Save Coins:

You need a lot of coins to purchase the premium egg. The egg needs cost 50,000 coins. Earn coins by selling your useless pets and by completing different quests.

  • Purchase the premium egg:

When you save enough coins to purchase the egg. Head to the pet shop and purchase the premium egg from the list.

  • Hatch the egg:

Once you have purchased the premium egg from the shop. Know head to the hatchery and use it to hatch a pet. Keep hatching the eggs until you get a diamond pet.

  • Keep trying:

Getting a diamond pet takes work. It is a matter of luck, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t get one on your first try. Try more than one time to get a premium pet.

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Pet Simulator X value list diamond

Pet Simulator X has a variety of different value lists of diamonds. However, the last and latest update on the list was September 2021. The following is the value list for diamond pets in Pet Simulator X:

  • Diamond Hydra – “100,000” coins
  • Diamond Golem – “150,000” coins
  • Diamond Phoenix – “200,000” coins
  • Diamond Griffin – “250,000” coins
  • Diamond Unicorn – “300,000” coins
  • Diamond Cerberus – “350,000” coins
  • Diamond King Slime – “500,000” coins
  • Diamond Overlord – “900,000” coins

What are the best pets in Pet Simulator X?

Pet Simulator X has a variety of pets available on the game menu. Further, each pet is unique with its rare abilities. The rarity and abilities are based on the level of the pet. Most of these rare pets are not free to use. Every premium pet has an amount to own. It can be through coins, diamonds, and real money. Some of these rare pets are as follows:

  1. Rainbow Shock
  2. Dark Matter Dominus
  3. Inferno Dragon
  4. Dominus Huge
  5. Crystal Dominus

What are the codes for Pet Simulator X?

Pet Simulator X updated Codes of April 2023 are as follows:

  • CodeSanLan!
  • edocoNLOL!
  • CodeManCan!
  • NoCodeBackwards!
  • CodeSanLan!
  • CodeSamaLam4!
  • CodeTanW4nPan!

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