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ZOOBA Mod Free APK is a multiplayer battle arena game. The Turkish game studio develops the official game ZOOBA. The game is available on both iOS and Android devices. In the game, players take control of various human attribute animal heroes and battle against other players. The game has a variety of different features, including characters, each with its own unique abilities and gameplay. Players can also collect and upgrade their characters and weapons to increase power and competitiveness.

ZOOBA game also has a variety of different game modes, which include classic battle royal, capture the flag, and team deathmatch VIP. The gameplay is designed to be familiar to players to play and understand, with straightforward controls and a quick matchmaking experience. If you want to play an adventures game download Eggy Go.

ZOOBA is a fast-paced popular, and entertaining game. It offers a uniquely designed game on the battle royale and the best “Mobile Online Multiplayer Game” worldwide. Its popularity has become infinitely among players of all ages. The Players show a unique skill level and have continuously updated with new content and features regularly updated version.

What is ZOOBA Mod Free APK?

ZOOBA is a popular game, and the developer added a modified version as ZOOBA Mod Free APK. It has a similar and free feature similar to ZOOBA. Players in the game can choose a range of characters, each with unique abilities. The characters also have a special feature to own strengths and weaknesses and battle them out on various maps and game modes of the ZOOBA game.

The best modification in ZOOBA Mod Free APK is its free access to premium features. Official ZOOBA games don’t give free access to its features. It requires a cost to own them, but the mod made it easy for you to fulfil your desire. This application is only for Android users and is unavailable on Google Play Store and Apple APP Store.

Furthermore, the ZOOBA Mod Free APK has a variety of features. These features are specially modified for ZOOBA lovers. Players can know to own the best weapon or character according to their interests. The ZOOBA Mod Free APK includes the following weapons and characters. So, choose your favorite from the list.

List of Weapons and characters of ZOOBA Mod Free APK

ZOOBA Mod Free APK offers a wide variety of characters and weapons for players to choose from. Here are some of the followings:


  • Bruce: a tough Gorilla
  • Nix: a Sneaky Fox
  • Pepper: a bunny or Rabbit
  • Fuzzy: a Cute Bear


  • Shotguns
  • Sniper rifles
  • Machine guns
  • Melee weapons are “weapons such as swords and axes that are used in close combat.”

These are some examples of ZOOBA; a complete list is shown in the game, where you can select according to your interest. MetroTech PH Injector APK is the best hack for MLBB lovers. Check the latest modifications of MetroTech PH and enjoy the game.

Each character in the game has unique abilities and strengths. The hero’s ability is upgraded as players progress through the gameplay. He can also boost his skills and rank. Similarly, each weapon has its strengths and weaknesses. Players need to choose the right loadout for their playstyle and strategy. It will help players to compete against other players with their suitable character and weapon.

Features of ZOOBA Mod Free APK

  1. Unlock Multiple Weapons.
  2. Prefect application for Android.
  3. List of Awards Per-Season.
  4. Collect 2X Coins Per Fight.
  5. Unlock Unlimited Coins.
  6. Quality Themes.
  7. Unlock Up to 20 characters.
  8. Stunning 3D Graphics.
  9. Simple Controls.
  10. Unlock listed equipment.
  11. Friendly-User Interface.
  12. Compete against above 45 other players online.
  13. Unlock all levels.
  14. Zero Ads Disturbance.
  15. Safe and Secure.
  16. No Technical Issues or Disturbance.
  17. Unlimited Sprint.
  18. Free-to-Play.
  19. Background Music.

 And more.


Collect new weapons and characters for free and play ZOOBA in a friendly interface. ZOOBA Mod Free APK is a perfect application for ZOOBA lovers to own its premium features free of cost. The mod has the most secure anti-band system to protect your account and personal information. As the game always updates, its version and the latest version are available now—press below to download the latest version of ZOOBA Mod Free APK.

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July 23, 2024