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Greetings, friends hope you all are fine. You are waiting for a new update or the latest up-to-date version of an injector for Free Fire. After Gringo XP Mod APK and Ob38 hack 2023, we come with a unique and one of my favorite injectors for FF BELLARA VIP. I hope you are familiar with these old injectors. These are also one of the most famous and popular injectors. Try these if you want and select the best one.

Google is full of these cheap third-party applications. The users want the best application for their android. Every injector has the same features except for some premium or rare ones. 

Most injectors have the same abilities, like the aim bot and auto headshot, and are free to download. But the best application has the best server, the most accessible, and the latest version with an easy interface.

BELLARA VIP is one of those injectors with similar features to old ones. But we added some other special features which make it quite different from other features. It has the best and easy interface to inject.

Furthermore, BELLARA can boost your winning abilities and help you to increase your rank. It has a list of features to inject during play on FF. All these features and this application is free to download and easy to use. Check out the list below and download it from the given link below.

Features of BELLARA VIP

The Bellara VIP injector has a list of free premium features as follows:

  • Bypass Anti-Report
  • Aimbot (Distance Head aim)
  • Fly Whoukong
  • Aim-lock (lock on the enemy)
  • Invisible Machine
  • ESP HACK (Opponent Name)
  • Crosshair Colors
  • ESP (Random)
  • Fix Body
  • Run in Water
  • No Recoil
  • ESP HACK (Crosshair)
  • Hit Skill Chrono

Location of the following:

  • Glo-wall
  • Shotgun
  • Med-kit
  • MP40
  • FF Coin

The latest version of BELLARA VIP has some different features from others. These list cheats are updated and bugs free. The best part of the game is access to free FF coins. The coins are the actual key to owning all premium features. The interface is good, and the cheats will smoothly inject into your FF gameplay.

Is BELLARA VIP safe to use?

It would be unfair to say all these third-party applications are illegal and unsafe for you. No developer wants anyone to have unlawful access to its application. But this type of injector is the option to access those premium features. The BELLARA VIP is safe because our expert tries to hide your illegal activities by adding a fake server. 

Follow these safety instructions so your account will be safe.

  1. Install the file from the link below.
  2. Use a guest account if you want more than 2 or 3 cheats at a time.
  3. Use your account but inject only 2 or 3 cheats once.
  4. Play like an average player.
  5. Don’t show your fraud to your opponent.

Final Words

Want to download a perfect injector for FF? Then why not BELLARA VIP, the best injector with a smooth interface and list of new cheat menus? You will find the latest version below. The download and installation process is the same as other APPs you download. It is an anti-band version for your android. Stay with us for the latest updated version.

Sibtain Qamar is an Egaming enthusiast and Loves to write about Free Fire, ML, and other Gaming Hacks. He is a student of GPP at the NUML University

August 31, 2023